6 days in the steps of St. Paul
A life experience in a few days

1.   6 days tour starting from Corfu
2.   3 nts in Thessaloniki in 4* accom.
3.   2 nights in Athens in 3* accom.
4.   Half Board (B&B  & Dinner)
5.   Bus
6.   Boat Tickets
7.   Entrance Fees to all sites
8.   Tour guide throughout the  trips
9.   Office Assistant for whole trip
10. Map of Greece
11. All Taxes

* For Single occupancy: + 25%
* Children (2-10years) - 50% (w/ parents)
* Optional Travel Insurance
* No other hidden costs
* Trip not suitable for disabled people
In co-operation with
Holy Trinity Anglican Church of Corfu

English Speaking programme
Guide specialised on the Biblical Greece
Following in the footsteps of St. Paul in ancient & modern Greece

The historical capital of Ipirus, next to a lake.

Kalambaka/ Meteora
After taking a road with a breathtaking scenery we come to Kalambaka. There we will see Meteora, a rock formation where Byzantine monasteries were built in the 14th century. There, monks sought isolation and refuge, especially during the Turkish occupation. We will visit 2 of the most famous monasteries built on the edge of the rocks.

The 2nd largest city in Greece where the letters to Thessalonians were sent. We will see the famous old city walls, St. Dimitrios Church, the triumphal Arch of Emperor Galerios. Also St Sophia with the great mosaics and of course, the White Tower.

Neapolis (Kavala)
The first European city to accept Christianity with a beautiful, natural harbour. Paul, Timothy, Silas and Luke were the first to arrive there.

Built by Philip 2nd in 358 BC. Paul preached his first sermon there and he baptised the first Christians in Greece. We will also see the prison of Paul and the first church building made in Europe.

This is another city that Paul visited and here we will see the Jewish Quarters and the Synagogue.

The famous city of Philip, the father of Alexander the Great.
We will also see the famous graves and a very important archaeological museum.

The famous capital of Greece, and one of the most ancient capitals of the Western World. We will see the Acropolis and the Parthenon. We will stand on the Mars Hill where Paul preached to the Athenians and walk through the Agora (market). We will also tour through the modern city to see the Houses of Parliament, etc. We will also walk through Plaka,(the most traditional place in Athens).

After passing through Corinth’s canal, we will visit the ancient city of Corinth which is above the modern city. We will visit the archaeological museum, the Agora, the Bema seat and the ancient sign of Erasmus, (the city’s keeper mentioned in the Bible).

Corinth’s ancient port under the water. Weather permitting we will swim over the ruins!

This is another biblical site that we will visit on the way. In the book of Titus, Paul said that he was going to spend the Winter there.

And much more...
whilst we walk
in the steps of Paul we will have
our Bibles open!


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